03 March 2011

training-spinning | trainer intervals

6 Time
of Day
spinning – 12:00 PM
trainer – 6:00 PM
7:00 AM - 179
1:00 PM - 179
Distance   Power 1st 20 min interval – 270 watts
2nd 20 min interval - 279++ watts
Time Total (spinning) – 55 min Speed trainer – 21-24 mph
Breakfast 6:30 AM – cereal
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals
Course spinning – IMA (hills and intervals)
trainer – 2x20 at Seattle Multisport
Equipment Road Bike

I woke up feeling much better! This cold is going away now for sure. Still coughing like a maniac at times and spitting up phlegm all day but not so light headed or feverish and much of my energy is back. Nice.

Today was my last day at the IMA spin class. It turned out much better than I thought it would when I started so yeah for that. Too bad I had to miss two classes and now I will miss the final week as I am going on vacation but big picture I would MUCH rather be where I am going than twiddling an indoor bike at a gym so don't go throwing me a pity party just yet. I'm only out the few bucks each class costs; NOT a problem.

I go to spin class thinking I'd be able to go whole hog and I was WRONG. I still can't breath properly and I was coughing and I'm just not very strong but it was better than Tuesday and even last week. A little better anyway.

At Seattle Multisport I tried something totally different. I had been stressed with concerns about power, training, and the usual second-guessing that comes when you have no idea how you will match up against your competition so resolved to do something new this time. Instead of riding at warp speed and cadence I slowed down to 21-24 mph and tried to feel the resistance more as opposed to getting that flywheel affect from the trainer when it is in ergo mode. I discussed this strategy with Ryan D and he said that it would be harder so I should drop my threshold power setting to something like 300 watts which is what I did.

At the beginning of the first 20 minute interval this felt ridiculously easy. Okay, not ridiculous but MUCH easier than normal. It was so easy that after five minutes in I turned to Greg K who was next to me asked if he thought it would be a good idea if I dialed up the power a bit. He said no (as I tend to go out too hard and then die somewhat in the second interval) so I hung tough and only upped it to 305 for the last five minutes.

during the first interval my watts/kg we by FAR the lowest of anyone there and that plus the fact that I felt like I could have held this for an hour or more had me pretty nervous. Greg and I chatted and I started the second interval at a threshold setting of 320 watts.

ASIDE – remember, we are doing these intervals at 90 percent of our threshold so this meant I was only pushing 288 actual watts.

I wanted to increase the resistance after five minutes but Greg again talked me into waiting five more so at 10 minutes in I finally increased it to 325. Two minutes later I was at 330. Two minutes later I was at 340. One minutes later I was 350 and now my watts/kg were finally approaching some of the other people... I kept jacking it up about 10 watts every minute and ended up riding the last minute at 400 watts (threshold) so that is 360 actual.

The whole time I was keeping my speed down under 25 mph and was trying to 'feel the load' but it felt like I had to either drop to around 21 or LESS for that to happen. During those last two minutes I also increased my cadence just a bit and for the last 30 seconds I went as hard as I could and that about killed me.

I think the watts/kg were 'right' when I was at 350+ watts so next time I give this a go I will start at a threshold setting of 320 or 330 for the first interval and hopefully be able to start the second there as well and also increase the load.

It's frustrating at times to have to learn how to train instead of just being able to work out.

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