08 March 2012

bike commute | urban run

Wow, all this stretching stuff isn't bullshit after all. :|

Yesterday my legs felt like utter garbage while riding home. Truth be told, this has been the case more often than not lately. I know my IT bands are chronically wicked tight and that the more I run the more I need to stretch but do I do it? Not so much.

This morning I went to the gym and stretched. For a full 30 minutes. And I used the foam roller on my IT bands for 10 minutes after. You know what? I could feel a noticeable improvement on my ride to work.
Man, how does one find the time to do everything you need to? Sometimes when I realize I have to do core work at least three times/week just so my back does not explode on rides and I have to stretch several times/week to aid with recovery and use the foam roller so my IT bands don't shrivel up or turn brittle; is exercising even worth it?  Why not just let myself go, buy a more comfortable couch, make a return to the Costco chips isle and start taking statins? Oh yeah, that's why.
Doctors "might try recommending diet and exercise…"
Which the ride to work definitely was. The sun was shining, there were tons of people running up Interlaken, the trees are starting to bloom, the Montlake football field is getting new sod, gorgeous.

At lunch I got out with Frank H and Justin A for what was my best run in ages. It felt a tiny bit fast (I felt like I was breathing sort of hard) but I was able to recover fully on each descent so was feeling fine at the finish. And at the very end I was able to take off my long sleeve shirt and run in sleeveless!

Interesting that 8:00+ pace seems fast to me these days, last fall and even the previous year when I was officially training for running I could cruise along at 7:30 no problem even with some hills. Speed really is the first thing to go when you stop training for it.

I had a meeting after work with our soon-to-be neighbors and would have loved to extend my commute… Oh well, the weather today was a taste of things to come.

Sleep 7
Waking HR
Body Weight 11:30 AM - 180 lb.
Body Fat
Workout Food
Therapy 5:30 AM - 30 min stretching, foam roller
:30 PM - 10 min sauna
Time of Day
Workout Type endurance
Weather run - upper 40s to low 50s
Equipment run - Hoka Combo XT
commute - Town Bike

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