23 March 2012

cardio | bike commute

My legs felt MUCH better this morning. Nice. And the sun is shining, time for the long commute home. :)
In the gym I hit the elliptical trainer again (just because it seems like a safe, zero-impact way to bring the legs back I guess…) and right away my leg speed was climbing. I finished going faster than I have ever gone on this device. Wee.

Riding to work I finally felt good getting out of the saddle as opposed to a bag of wet cement like I did Monday. Nice.

Did I mention the sun was shining all damn day? It sure as hell was. Oh yeah, I did not sleep so hot but so what, the sun is out. On the way home I ran a bunch of errands and it was such a pleasure to get them done on the bike.

Sleep 5
Waking HR
Body Weight
Body Fat
Workout Food water
Time of Day cardio - 5:30 AM
Workout Type cardio - the elliptical trainer version of form sprints maybe…?
Weather upper 30s in the AM, about 50 in the PM, dry, SUNNY, calm
Course cardio - elliptical trainer, 12 incline, 12 resistance, 140 rpm to start, 150 rpm almost instantly and I finished hovering around the mid 170s
Time cardio - 30 min
Pace cardio - my heart rate climbed slowly and steadily into the mid 130s by the end
Equipment Town Bike

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