09 March 2012

Cycle U CompuTrainer

Holy cow… I got very little sleep last night. Not really sure what happened. But thanks to Ryan D I still got in a workout.


Also thanks to Ryan I hopefully did not overdo it today. Looking back at my workouts and based on advice from friends it appears I have been doing too much intensity and not enough regular endurance stuff/volume. One reason for this is I am still trying to run long (which destroys my legs) AND ramp up my cycling. Another is I'm a guy. This means I have testosterone flowing in my veins and I like to keep up with the Joneses. Sad but true. Obviously I still have a lot to learn about training (read: resting properly).

So, this morning when Ryan announced that he was going to go easy since he was on a rest week I breathed a big sigh of relief and tried to do likewise. I started the workout at a threshold setting of 300 watts (for reference I have been using 340-360 lately) but that first interval still felt HARD so I promptly dialed it back to 290 watts and left it there for the rest of the workout. In hindsight even that might have been a tad high but hey, way better than trying to scorch this and then needing three days to recover.

Normally I would have gone to the IMA at lunch for core work but today I was starving and wiped out so no dice. I need sleep.

Here is the CompuTrainer summary.

Gender: Male
Athlete Type: Recreationa
Date of Birth: 0/0/1900
Weigh-in: 200
Track Position: 6
Finish Time: 55:00.00 Seconds
Anaerobic Threshold: 290
Average Speed: 22.52 MPH
Peak Speed: 26.24 MPH
Average Power: 226.62 Watts
Peak Power: 399.00 Watts
Average Pulse Power: 0
Average Watts/Kg: 2
Rolling Resistance after 5 Minute Warmup: 1.79 Pounds
Average HR: 0 BPM
Peak HR: 0 BPM
Average RPM: 0.0
Peak RPM: 0.0
Average PP: 0.0
Peak PP: 0.0
Average WPKG: 2.5
Peak WPKG: 4.4
Average SS: 0.0
Calories: 752.7

And here is my PowerTap data.

Sleep 3-4 hours?
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 5:00 AM - banana, water
Workout Food large bottle w/1 tablet Nuun and 1 scoop HEED
Time of Day 6:00 AM
Workout Type threshold intervals
Course 8 x 3 min
Equipment Road Bike

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