07 March 2012

"I was looking for blowing."

I love Google Voice - for so many reasons.

One cool feature is you can have it transcribe all voicemail and send you an email of the transcript. It's usually never perfect but most of the time it's close enough that I can figure it out without needing to call and actually check my voicemail. This is nice in situations like a noisy environment when you would not be able to hear your messages or when you are in a really quiet environment and are not supposed to make any noise.

Yesterday I got the following transcript sent to me:

"It was looking for Mark and I was looking for blowing, 20635564265. This is or will returning his call."

Looking for blowing…?! That's priceless.

It's been a while since I have used any of the restrooms at Volunteer Park and even so, I don't recall writing my phone number on the wall. And if I had, I would have used a much more exciting name than 'Mark'.

Predictably the real message was not nearly as scintillating as the transcript. I guess you can only trust technology so much. Still, this had Shelley and I in stitches for hours.

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