29 September 2012

Hello my name is Dmitry Gunda

The cycling team I belong to has the standard 'contact us' page on our web site and we get a fair number of messages from that form. Yesterday we got a great one.

Message:*: Hello my name is Dmitry Gunda
I'm a cyclist from Ukraine
i am 19 years old
stable rider
the season finished in the top 10
I'm looking the team to continue their careers
  In Ukraine, there is no future for the rider
I've been to the European Championships and even various events in Europe
I ask you to consider my request for membership in your club
Thank you.

I am still cracking up.

Who cares if this is spam, it's hilarious. What was Dmitry thinking I wonder? Did he mass-mail every cycling club in the US in hopes that one of them was a legit team and would pay for his plane ticket over here?

Also, what the heck does 'stable' mean? And top 10 in what? People amaze me.

One the one hand, go Dmitry! On the other hand, get a clue.

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