27 September 2012

Is anyone home...?

What's that you say? Oh yeah, I guess I do have a blog.

It seems work got a bit hectic and we had to hire a person then there was this whole new house thing (Shelley and I finally moved!) and so lesser leisure activities (read: posting about my workouts) fell by the wayside.

No promises - it seems that every blogger that fades away and then professes to come back is proven to be a big, fat liar - but I really enjoy writing so here's hoping I can get back on the horse.

At least my love for metaphors has not been diminished.

And isn't it funny how people need to reassure/motivate themselves...? This post was for me only. Picture me with pompoms standing next to my desk where the other me is sitting in front of a computer trying to decide whether to watch some YouTube or compose a post.

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Martin Criminale said...

When I wrote this There were no posts from August 13 until September 27. We'll see if I can fill in that gap.