08 February 2013

coming to grips

Plus various other hyperbole and melodrama.

Since I can't document my physical activities these days, this blog will temporarily be used for extoling various universal truths that everyone else already knows and which Martin is just now figuring out.

When you get in the routine of exercising all the time it becomes a part of your life. I can think back to a particular day pretty recently that made me feel incredibly alive! Alive because I was able to do shit. Shit that many people can't do.

And when you get in the routine of being active you surround yourself with other people that are just as active. Enter Garmin Connect, Strava, Attackpoint, Facebook, etc., etc. So now I'm sitting here at my desk, it's sunny outside and I can't go ride or run. What's that in my Inbox? Why it's a Strava activity report... you know, the digest message that lets you see just what everyone else has been doing other than sitting at a desk with their foot elevated to reduce the swelling.

Then I start to browse everyone else's training log and see folks who are in So Cal, Hawaii, you name it.

To top it off I am suddenly seeing 10 times as many people running and riding their bikes as I did just one week ago.



  1. broke my hand last week...and I'm seeing the same thing..

  2. @Murdin - crap! I'm sorry for you. I know people usually need to learn these lessons by themselves but I discovered wine is not the answer. Just sayin'. :)


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