08 April 2013

elliptical trainer

Oh man... I was/am tired today.

The alarm went off this morning and after stalling for 15 minutes while debating with myself whether or not I should go to the gym I rolled over and slept (poorly) until Shelley's alarm went off.

I had a boat load of work to do so didn't get out of the office until way past noon. This meant I was pretty hungry and combined with being tired it was a pretty big effort on my part to get my ass in gear and get it down to the IMA.

Once there starting out was tough, my legs felt pretty heavy. Luckily, once I got moving I was able to keep the cadence up pretty well.

Not a great day; I couldn't tell if I should rest more or sack up and work harder. :(

Sleep 7?
Waking HR  
Body Weight 1:00 PM - 182 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food  
Time of Day 1:00 PM
Workout Type endurance
Course elliptical trainer
Time 30 min
Distance 3.9 miles
Pace got my cadence up to 160 rpm pretty quick and held it there for the duration, heart rate peaked around 150 by the end

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