14 April 2013

road ride up Tiger Mt

Road ride time!

In case I have not said it enough let me say it again. My ankle might be messed up and I might not be able to run but I am SO fortunate to not only be able to ride a bike but also to have tons of bikes to do it with. And the experience to do it safely, enjoy it and get in a great workout.

Today I got out with my good friend John Phillips. Turns out we have a mutual acquaintance in Frank Hodge. Frank rides bicycles with John and used to run with another friend of mine Justin Angle. Now I wonder if John knows Justin. I doubt it. All this made me smile for some reason.

Riding with John was GREAT. He's a super cyclist (we used to race together) and as we were holding a pretty spirited tempo on the flats I was realizing that today is the first time this year that I have been out with anyone else on a bike! Oh the joys of drafting!

While heading up Tiger Mt. I saw Dave Hecht riding over the mountain going the other direction. I bet that guys is more familiar with this hill than anyone else I know.

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:00 AM - applesauce, 2 scoops Perpetuem, 1 scoop protein powder, banana, Udo's Oil, tea, water
Workout Food 1.5 large bottles each w/2 scoops Perpetuem, 2 Hammer Bars, 2 shots of Hammer Gel
Time of Day 9:00 AM
Workout Type endurance
Weather low to mid 40s, calm, dry (except for one shower)
Time 3:11
Distance 57 miles
Pace 18.2 mph
Equipment Redline Conquest Pro, Garmin Edge 500
Clothing knit shoe covers, leg warmers, bib shorts, Craft Active Classic Long Sleeve Baselayer, heavy long sleeve jersey, OR Gripper gloves, cap

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