06 April 2013

Howe Street stairs | BaDi dance class

I tried something new today! But first let's talk stairs.

I did a solid hour today - hooray for me! I walked all the flights two steps at a time except the last one which I gently ran one step at a time. It's probably too early yet to be doing this and I have no excuses. On the up side it did not hurt my ankle and although running every step feels slower than walking every other step it was indeed 20-30 seconds faster and it got my heart rate up about 10 beats higher too. Bonus.

It was a BUSY day at the Howe Street stairs today. Not only were there about eight people doing their solo thing but about five flights into my workout this boot camp class shows up and suddenly there are about eight more people on the steps. Doing drills no less. That's a lot of bodies to dodge.

And again I was amazed by what you see on these stairs. There was a woman with her two tiny lapdogs. She would walk up the steps with them on leash and then pick them both up and CARRY THEM BACK DOWN. First of all, dogs on a leash are a super bad idea on stairs where people don't want to get tripped up and secondly, if you have to carry your dogs down should they really be here at all? That's obviously rhetorical. NO is the answer.

Whatever. Today I outlasted all of them and for the last two flights had the stairs all to myself.

After I got home and had a snack Shelley and I went to a BaDi dance class.

That's right, dance.

And yes, I felt like THE stereotypical, no rhythm having, token guy there but you know what? It was pretty fun. The instructor was great as were the songs and I just need to learn the moves. Good to branch out I always say.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 7:00 AM - orange, tea
Workout Food stairs - large bottle w/2 scoops HEED
dance class - water
Time of Day stairs - 8:15 AM
dance class - 10:30 AM
Workout Type strength, endurance
Weather upper 40s, dry sky, mostly cloudy
Time stairs - 1:00
Distance stairs - 17 flights (2.8 miles)
Pace Sub 4:00/flight even while walking!
When I ran up that last flight it too me roughly 1:30.
Equipment stairs - Brooks Launch
Clothing stairs - shorts, Brooks Podium SS shirt, Brooks Podium LS shirt
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