02 November 2010

Long live the king!

Just like last year the conditions at the Koppenbergcross Oudenaarde can only be described as a skating rink! And who should rise from the ashes (or muddy cobbles in this case) but the best there is – Sven Nys.

To start to understand how good this guy is you need only check out some of his accomplishments. "I'm not worn out yet." Sven said after the race and damn if that isn't the truth.

In a sport where the up and coming riders are chomping at his heels he decimated the field by over one minute while riding the first half of the last lap on a flat rear tire. Left in arrears were greats like Niels Albert (2nd – 1:07 back), Zdenek ┼átybar (4th – 2:08 back), Bart Wellens (7th – 3:40 back). When you are that good AND you have a good day there is simply no stopping you.

If you look closely in the video you will see his rear flat before the first bike change.

Making it look MUCH too easy.

To quote the announcer, "The king is back." I'm looking forward to a few more wins this year by the best in the business.

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