22 November 2010

The Seattle PI Velocity blog profiles me!

How fun/flattering is this? Very!


Thanks to David Longdon for maintaining this blog and for profiling all kinds of riders from the Pacific NW.


  1. "I'm almost embarrassed to say I don't keep track of my miles or hours on the bike..."

    What a joke. You're entire blog keeps track of everything but your poo (at least you don't post it).

    I am sure you will delete this but you are a fraudulent prima-donna.

  2. @KDG - posting numbers on a day-by-day basis (easy!) and actually keeping track of them (very time consuming!) so you can brag to your friends about how many miles you rode in 2010 vs. 2009 or whatever are totally different. :) Maybe someday Blogger will let me do that... Or not.

    If they do this (hopefully not so) fraudulent prima-donna will have to think twice about what all he does post.


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