20 July 2011


Holy hate, I did not get enough sleep last night.

Not sure what is up but sometimes I wake up at 3 or 4 (or 2 in this case!) and for the life of me I can't fall back asleep. I seem to recall a show like 60 Minutes that featured people who only needed a couple of hours of sleep each night. They all led dual lives; one during the day with one job and set of friends and then another at night with perhaps another job/hobby/set of friends. That's not me for sure but not being able to fall back asleep is a major bother. Plus I crash big time by the end of the work day. :(

Walking up the stairs to the gym my legs felt pretty cooked.

Core was mostly okay in spite of no sleep, the knee lifts were pretty tough.

Sleep 4
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 7:00 AM - smoothie
Workout Food water
Time of Day 5:30 AM
Workout Type rest
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
back extensions 3 x 40
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 100 each leg
twisters 50 each side - 10 lb.
roman chair knee lifts 3 x 40
push-ups 21
hip abductors 3 x 30 - 100 lb.

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