07 July 2011


Just a spin (read: race) around Mercer Island today. Ah… the sweet smell of friendly (read: vicious) competition.

Wacky weather today - it was about 60 degrees but very overcast. On our way back we got misted on but it was extremely fine so I never got soaked and then the last few miles were dry. Not bad. Plus, cruising along with no leg coverings and the mist made me feel pretty Euro Pro. Because that's just the kind of silly, little mind games I play.

I was wondering how my legs would feel after three consecutive days of racing and just one day of active recovery and the answer is just fine. In hindsight the races were all very short so what was I worried about?

For once I left home in time to casually spin over to Mercer Island instead of needing to use the big ring - quite nice actually. Once I got there I was joined by about six others so the group size was pretty perfect.

I used the first part of the first hill to see how my legs felt and after discovering that they were okay I went to the front on the second bit and upped the pace just a hair. I stayed on the front across the first flat section to get in a good pull.

Each time I was on the front I was able to increase the pace just a little (some other guys were slowing down some) and when we got to the second hill half way around the island I went to the front, put in a good effort and carried on over the top. Unfortunately we lost one or two people here and so now it was four of us in front.

I lead out the tennis court crosswalk sprint but a car pulled out so we all shut it down. Too bad. But two guys (Larry and Steven) were up for riding back around so I had company on the return trip which was nice. And for a change they did not take it so easy… we were moving along a good clip. I know because when it started to mist I put my vest and. In the process I got a bit tangled and it took longer than I anticipated which resulted in my having to chase back to those guys. That 100 m gap was hard to close.

Riding back across the lake on the bridge I felt like I had a proper tailwind and was scooting along! That plus the return of dry conditions made for a perfect end to the ride.

Sleep 5 - I am not getting enough of this…!
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 5:00 AM - cereal
Workout Food water, gel
Time of Day 6:30 AM
Workout Type intervals
Weather 60, cloudy, dry at first and then a fine mist for most of the last half
Equipment Road Bike
Clothing bib shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, wind vest, cap

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