10 October 2012

Red Bull has so much money

We all know about Red Bull. They're the company that turned a somewhat oily, vaguely grapefruit-flavored drink with caffeine into a gazillion dollar enterprise.

Turns out the margin on flavored sugar water is pretty healthy and these guys have truckloads of cash to spend on whatever the hell they want. Like sponsoring pretty much every extreme activity under the sun. What's that you say? 'Every' is a bit of a stretch? In support of my claim I give you the Red Bull 400.

"If I fall down, I go 100 m backside."

This is a 400 m 'run' (or crawl depending on your fitness), up slopes that hit 45 degrees! Use of the handrail is encouraged lest you fall backwards.

Of course they sponsor motocross, mountain biking, BMX, etc., etc. but did you know they also sponsored Felix Baumgartner in his attempt to break the record for longest free fall of all time?

What's left to sponsor? Extreme eating?

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