30 October 2012

treadmill run

In theory having a treadmill in your house makes it so easy and convenient to use! Plus you get more sleep. In practice it will take some fine tuning...

Today was my first indoor run at our new house. I'm realizing the treadmill is the equivalent of the indoor trainer for a cyclist and you can do all kinds of things like intervals, hills, active recovery, you name it. I got the thing into position, got my towel and water bottle, my iPod, shut the (solid!) room door so as not to wake Shelley, GO.

Man do you get hot running in a small room! Within about 10 minutes I knew I was not going to last so hopped off to open a window.


Shit. Did I mention we have alarm sensors on our windows? Oh yes. We do.

In a word the alarm is piercing. Intensely so. I leapt away from the window, jumped over the still running treadmill, threw open the room door and ran down the hall to the alarm keypad to turn it off. So much for not waking up Shelley. :(

With the window finally wide open I got back on and resumed my run. Turns out one measly window is not enough and next time I'll need to open both and/or crank up a fan! By the end I felt like I was running in a sauna. Note to self: this might be good heat training. Except I was dripping sweat all over the house for what felt like ages after I stopped.

On the up side Shelley said she could barely hear me running.

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day 5:30 AM
Workout Type active recovery
Course treadmill, 1% incline
Time 30 min
Distance 4 miles
Pace 7:30
Equipment Brooks Launch

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