24 October 2012

run commute

I got a text late last night from my faithful Cougar Mt buddy and he said he was bagging out on our usual Wednesday morning trail loop. Rats. So not wanting to tackle that trail in the dark all alone I opted for the run commute. It's about the same distance.

In the morning I felt pretty darn good! And when I got to the IMA I plunked my pack down on the scale and it said I had been carrying 14 lb.! I gave myself a little pat on the back for that effort.

The run home was slower, much slower. About half way there some guy popped out onto the sidewalk about 50' in front of me and so I figured I would try and close the gap. No dice. He just pulled away from me and all I could muster was a 7:30 pace. I was done.

Home. Shower. Dinner. Beer. Chocolate.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day  
Workout Type endurance
Equipment Brooks Launch, The North Face Angstrom 30
Clothing Brooks Infinity Short III, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active T, think gloves
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