24 March 2013

exploring Frink Park | Tiger Mt Cougar Mt ride

This morning I decided I just had to get out and do something on my feet... Not being able to run yet I opted for a relatively brisk walk. At first I thought I would hit up the Day Street stairs but after climbing them once I was thinking 'boring' and headed north.

Within a few blocks I knew what I was going to do, I was going to explore Frink Park!

Who knew there were so many trails in this bit of woods? It was a blast! I bet you could construct a pretty cool little training loop here if you wanted. I went up trails/stairs and then right back down just to see where they went.

After a snack and some procrastination about where to ride I went out on my bike for my first officially sanctioned 'hard' ride since my ankle injury.
By 'hard' I mean I didn't go diving for the small chainring every time the road tipped up and I tackled some real hills. The first one was Tiger and it made it abundantly clear that my cycling fitness (hell, ANY fitness these days) is not what it used to be. On the steepest pitch I had to shift to my smallest gear (36x27) and I was sure glad I had it.

But over the top I got back into the big ring pronto and then managed to sustain 25+ mph all the way down Issaquah Hobart Rd into Issaquah. I was thrilled! That has not happened in ages.

As I was leaving Issaquah I was having this mental debate about whether or not to climb Cougar at all, whether I should go up the Zoo road or 164th, and before I realized what was happening I had turned left up the Zoo road. Nice.

Once again I spent plenty of time in my smallest gear but but hey, I made it! I even had fun doing it.
Near the top there was a house for sale on the left side of the road that looked like it had been gutted by fire...?!

Descending the mountain was a thrill. It made me remember why riding bikes is so freaking awesome. From there I cruised down Lakemont, past the Red Town Trailhead where all the trail runners were parked (I'll be back!) and home across Mercer Island where I was lucky enough to miss all of the Mercer Island Half Marathon mess. Whew!

Crossing the island I realized I was very, very tired. But also super happy to be able to do this - finally.

Sleep 6
Waking HR
Body Weight
Body Fat
Breakfast 8:00 AM - 2 bananas, almond butter, tea
Workout Food walk - nothing
ride - 2 large bottles each w/2 scoops Perpetuem, Promax bar
Time of Day walk - 6:45 AM
ride - 10:00 AM
Workout Type walk - getting used to impact
ride - endurance
Weather walk - low 30s, dry, calm
ride - upper 30s to mid 40s, sunny, dry, calm
Time walk - 54 min
ride - 3:06
Distance walk - 3.6 miles
ride - 54 miles
Pace walk - 16:18/mile baby!
ride - 17.4 mph (I guess those hills really put a dent in my average)
Equipment walk - Brooks Launch, Garmin Fenix

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