28 March 2013

How Street stairs


This is twice this week I'm on the Howe Street stairs. And to think I used to hate this work out! Now I'm grateful just to be out here. It's obviously all about perspective. Which, I suppose, is something good to keep in mind when you are healthy...? But enough waxing philosophical.

It was misting ever so lightly this morning but the temps were still in the upper 40s so I was very comfy and didn't need gloves or anything. So far, I also don't need music for distraction to get this workout done. There is plenty to see on Howe Street to keep me occupied. I saw a raccoon, one other person working out, a couple of cats; I wasn't bored in other words.

I figured I would try to duplicate what I did Tuesday and ended up getting in a bonus flight. I have stopped counting flights and instead just go by time and since I know roughly how long one flight takes me I can do the math.

I'm still just walking all the flights but the up side of going slower is I don't need to rest at the top or bottom so am literally spinning around and doing another. I suspect that is accounting for my times as I am actually going just slightly faster on average per flight than when I was running every other one.

Since it was wet when I got home from the stairs I had to take the bus to work. And of course it totally got sunny and dried up and I wished I could have ridden home. :(

Sleep 6
Waking HR  
Body Weight 7:00 AM - 179 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food bottle w/1 scoop HEED
Time of Day 5:30 AM
Workout Type strength
Weather upper 40s, light mist, calm
Course Howe Street stairs
Time 46:05
Distance 12 flights (1.9 miles)
Equipment Brooks Launch
Clothing shorts, Brooks Podium SS shirt, Brooks Podium LS shirt
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