18 March 2013

weights | Expresso exercise bike

The big news is I saw my sports medicine specialist today and was finally given the green light to start some light impact activities! Oh happy day. No running for 3-4 weeks yet but now I can walk on the flats, on hills, use the elliptical trainer, do some balance exercises on my weak leg; all the stuff I have been avoiding in other words. Yes. To celebrate I walked from her office on Capitol Hill to my pharmacy down by I-5 and then over to my bus by Pioneer Square.

It's funny, just a few days ago I was still feeling reluctant when walking around but now my whole attitude has changed and after this diagnosis I am striding around with confidence. I love it.

Oh yeah, I got to the gym in the AM and got on the Expresso exercise bicycle at lunch. Instead of doing one longer course, today I rode two shorter courses. That was kind of fun.

The first ride I did had some very original visuals! We were riding around this model train landscape in some guy's basement and occasionally you would see the guy, this enormous giant, just outside of the tracks. I also saw the electrical transformer and various other model train equipment. As a former model train owner it was super cool.

And did I mention that I 'won' these two courses? Yep, fastest time. :) And I suspect that these rides were my last ones on the Expresso bike. As 'fun' as they are, if I can start with stuff that promotes healing and transitioning to running then away I go.



Sleep 4
Waking HR  
Body Weight 7:00 AM - 180 lb.
12:00 PM - 180 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day weights - 5:00 AM
trainer - 12:00 PM
Workout Type strength
leg extensions 3 x 22 - 115 lb.
leg curls 3 x 22 - 120 lb.
donkey kick 3 x 22 - 70 lb. (right leg only)
incline leg press 3 x 22 - 45 lb. (right leg only)
shoulder press 3 x 22 - 40 lb.
lat pull-down 2 x 22 - 75 lb.
knee push-ups 20/20/18
seated cable row 3 x 22 - 60 lb.
ball leg lifts 3 x 15 each leg
crunch machine 3 x 20
twisters 50 each side - 12 lb.
leg extensions 100
back extensions 3 x 30
Time ride #1 - 18:35
ride #2 - 15:49
Distance ride #1 - 6 miles
ride #2 - 5.4 miles
Pace ride #1 - 19.3 mph
ride #2 - 20.3 mph
Equipment Expresso exercise bicycle

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