06 July 2013

Blake Island

Today Shelley and I took an Argosy Cruise to Blake Island and it was awesome!

Funny, you live in the same geographic area for most of your life and then you discover this gem that you have never been to. So cool.


We departed from Pier 55 in downtown Seattle and it's just a 45 minute trip across Puget Sound to Blake Island, the only way here is by private or commercial boat.


You land at Tillicum Village which is also the location of the largest campsite on the island along with a little store and the Tillicum Village restaurant and from here you can simply hang out or go for a walk on one of the various trails.

We took off on the outer loop trail in a clockwise direction. We passed by the Trimble Estate and all the way around we learned more and more about the island's history.

On the way around we spent a bit of time on the beach where a lot of people were digging for clams. The tide was really low and so lots of wildlife was visible.


With all day to ourselves (you get a full seven hours before you have to get back on the boat) we looked for a place to park ourselves and found it at the NW corner of the island. Here we relaxed, had lunch, relaxed some more, got plenty of sun and started to appreciate the enormous raccoon population on this island.


A bold local.

After more downtime than I have experienced in I don't know how long we packed up and finished the clockwise loop around the island. With plenty of time to spare we enjoyed a beer in the Tillicum Village before boarding the Goodtime II and heading back to Seattle.



That was fun! I got a ton of sun and just walking back up the hill to 3rd Ave so we could catch the bus back home was a huge chore. Well worth it though, I recommend this trip to anyone. Heck, bring your gear and go camping! It's close to home and a fantastic facility. I really want to come back and explore the trails that crisscross the island.

Here are all the pictures and video.

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