01 July 2013

how to turn off (or on) SMS sync with Microsoft Exchange and your Samsung Galaxy S4 (or S III)

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4. Exciting!

While setting up all my accounts I added my work account which is hosted on Microsoft Exchange 2010. I kind of flew through the process and did not realize that one of the questions was asking me whether or not I wanted to sync SMS messages. And suddenly all my personal text messages started showing up in Outlook on my work computer.


Here is how to turn that off (or on if you want to) on your Samsung Galaxy S4 (or S III for that matter).

  • Go to Mail > Menu > Settings > select your Exchange account
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and select "More Settings"
  • Scroll down to "Sync SMS" and turn it on or off as desired


  1. Thank you!!! That feature has been bugging me for a week!


  2. @Beth - awesome, glad you found this useful.

  3. Ok it will not disable any tips it trys and then says can not disable at this time

  4. @Charles - that's not exactly a lot of info to help troubleshoot and your phone/Exchange environment might be different than mine. You might start by logging into OWA and going to Options > See all options > Phone, if you see your phone there I would ask your Exchange support folks. If you don't see your phone you have not properly added the account (and the mobile device) yet.

  5. Thank you so much, this should not be a default setting!

  6. Thanks so much, had a long conversations with my cousin about drinking last night... could've been awkward.

  7. Since i have updated my phone to the latest version android version 4.3 I dont have the option sync sms. I have been searching everywhere. I want this on so everything goes to my email. Pls help. Thank you

  8. I've been trying to fix this for weeks!Thanks a lot!

  9. This strategy depends on the capacity to perceive an erasure has happened before the following synchronization. Sms back up


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