28 August 2013

Cascade Crest 100 - 3 days after

They human body is nothing if not resilient. Just not as fast as I want it to be.

Sunday I was barely able to hobble around/get in and out of bed/sit down on or get up from the toilet (dangerous!) and today I can walk up and down stairs without holding onto the railing.

If it wasn't for these darn blisters on my feet, which are healing fine but which are a giant pain in the ass, then I would be tempted to ride my bike today. As it is, and because me feet are still in pretty sad shape, I will wait another day or two.

Issues after the race
- Blisters on my feet.
- Swollen hands and forearms.
- Swollen feet and ankles.
- Tight quads, abs and shoulders.
- Lack of appetite.

- The soreness in my shoulders, arms and abs is completely gone.
- The tightness in my quads is much less severe. If this was the only issue I would want to try an easy jog tomorrow.
- My hands and arms returned to normal within 30 hours.
- My appetite returned to normal within 24 hours, I thought it would be faster but no.

Ongoing Issues
- My feet and ankles are still very swollen. This is a recurring problem I have after long runs and running all day long only exacerbated it. I hope to wear normal shoes in 2-3 days but I suspect it won't be totally gone for another week. That's 10 days total! My body must have the worst venous return system on the planet.
- My blisters make walking really difficult. The only shoes that will let me tolerate the impact of the ground are my Crocs, lucky for me my feet also currently fit into them.

Just like some people seem more or less gifted when it comes to going fast, these lengthy efforts effect everyone differently and there is no guarantee that you will bounce back quickly. Looks like I'm one of those that bounce back somewhat more slowly.

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