21 August 2013

core | stretching | bike commute | massage

The real taper begins now.

Just some core work and stretching in the AM, riding my bike to and from work and a massage after work. Nice.

At the gym this morning I opted to forgo the on-the-ball leg lifts that I usually do as they seem to sometimes - ironically - hurt my back. As a result, the entire rest of the workout was significantly easier and I felt great.

I got my massage from Tucker Roy who is workout of Rain Fitness these days, this guy is GOOD. And he covered a ton of ground for which I am very appreciative.

My only regret is I was a bundle of nerves last night both from a stressful deadline at work and Cascade Crest on Saturday so slept like garbage. Luckily I have two days to correct that.

Sleep 5
Waking HR  
Body Weight 6:00 AM - 178 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day core - 5:30 AM
stretching - 6:00 AM
massage - 5:00 PM
Workout Type core - strengthening
commute - active recovery
Weather 80, sunny, dry, light breeze
ball leg lifts I skipped this today
plank 3 min, 2 min each side w/3 x 20 sec leg lifts each side
twisters 50 each side - 12 lb.
leg extensions 100
back extensions 3 x 40
hip raisers 60
fire hydrants 30 each side
push-ups 20/17/14
wobble disk 2 min each leg
Time core - 30 min
stretching - 15 min
massage - 60 min
Equipment Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500

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