19 June 2012

cardio | treadmill run

I felt much better today! My hands are still a little sore from Saturday but my legs are coming back to life.

Since I was not heading down to Pacific Raceways today to race I got in a little cardio in the morning and then a run at lunch. Both felt refreshingly good although I was breathing pretty hard while running. I guess I'm just not doing it often enough these days for it to feel super relaxed. And that's okay.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 12:00 PM - 181 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food water
Time of Day cardio - 5:15 AM
run - 12:00 PM
Workout Type endurance
Course cardio - elliptical trainer, 13 incline, 13 resistance
run - treadmill, 1% incline
Time cardio - 30 min
run - 30 min
Distance run - 4 miles
Pace cardio - heart rate 130-150
run - 7:30 to start and then a little faster every 5 min finishing with a few min at 7:00
Equipment run - Hoka Combo XT

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