05 August 2012

Tiger Mt Cottage Cheese Ass loop

Yesterday's road run went well and was not hard so today - since I seem to be on this non-cycling binge of activity - I went for a trail run. Not just any trail run, longer loop on Tiger Mountain. Man, you could run for DAYS out here.

I think I have said this before but there is an annual event on Tiger called the Fat Ass and this loop is slightly longer so some friends of mine gave it a similar name. Gotta like that.

It was my first time running this loop solo and I did not get lost! I did have a few double-take moments and went the wrong way once but figured it out within about 20 feet so no biggie. Whew. A wrong turn up here and you might cover significantly more miles…

It was a beautiful day. Hot actually. The views from the summit(s) was astounding! I could see Mt Rainier, Bellevue, you name it pretty much. Oh yeah, there were Salmon Berries and Huckleberries galore on the trail. I almost didn't need my food… almost. :)

I wore my Hoka Combo XT shoes because longer and rocky runs feel better with more cushion but they are falling apart. :( Also, my foot is moving around too much in these things and on the descents I was jamming my toes in the front in spite of them being plenty big. I changed the lacing up once while running and it did not really help. Besides, I hate having to lace shoes super tight.

I took two bottles and could have blown through them. I really metered my liquid consumption which resulted in them lasting but in me getting a bit dehydrated. Oh well, no cramps or anything and there is a creek on this route that I could start using. On my way down I passed about one million hikers many of whom were not carrying any water at all! Totally nuts. Then again, some of these people were wearing jeans in the intense heat so that explains a lot.

I have not ever done this loop with the intention of going fast but today was a PR for me. Probably because I practically never stopped…! That's what happens when you run alone I guess. I was being very calm on the descents and the climbs felt like they were super moderate. In the last mile I tried to pick up the pace and succeeded. Some. Obviously I have room to improve which is exciting. Good times!

Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Breakfast 6:00 AM - 2 bananas, water
Workout Food 2 bottles each w/1 scoop HEED and 1 tablet Nuun, 4 gels
Time of Day 7:45 AM
Workout Type  
Weather 80 by the finish, sunny, clear, calm, dry
Equipment Hoka Combo XT, 2 hand-held bottles
Clothing Brooks Infinity Short III

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