20 January 2011

Endlich, das xphone!

In the age of the iPhone 4, a bucket of brass balls can-do phone, and 4G, consumers are presented with phenomenal advancements not just in computing technology but in form factor as well. You can now literally hold in your hand exponentially more computing power than it took to send astronauts to the moon and return them safely to earth.

Of course technology marches on relentlessly and as soon as one manufacturer comes out with the latest Swiss Army knife of a device they are one-upped by another.

The first in this trend was the Pomegranate. Never before has so much 'stuff' been combined in one device.

Leave it to the German engineers to exceed even this with the xphone:

For those of you that don't speak German I will spell it out for you.

  • Innovation, ageless design, the most modern techniques, high resolution touch screen display (oops... that was on English). finally, the xphone.
  • The built-in 48 mega pixel camera can accommodate all kinds of external lenses thanks to the universal adaptor.
  • Print directly from your phone.
  • The omni-device-interface is compatible with flash cards, optical media and via 'flash back technology' all kinds of other media.
  • The heart of the xphone is nuclear powered and lasts for over 80 years. This kind of power lets you do all sorts of things like activate the induction powered ceramic coffee warmer.
  • sms2toast technology means never again having to give up that delicious crunchy slice of toast.
  • With the optional 'all currents' adapter your xphone will be a life saver in so many ways.
  • It's currently available in all colors and any materials.

God I love toys.

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