19 January 2011


5 maybe Time
of Day
6:00 AM
Distance 12.5 flights Power  
Time Total – 55 min Speed  
Breakfast 5:00 AM – PowerBar, water
7:00 AM – cereal
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals
Weather 40, some clouds, dry
Course Howe Street stairs
Equipment Brooks Defyance
Clothing shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active T

Not much sleep last night... I woke up at 2:30, tossed and turned for at least an hour and then maybe slept for one more hour. :( In my experience sleep is one of the most important things to help you recover and not get sick.

I have been trying to eat something prior to these early workouts and turns out PowerBar Performance Energy bars work fairly well. Something sure helps, of that I am convinced.

ASIDE – remember when this was the only product that they made and you could just call them PowerBars? Long gone.

I met Jim K and we struck out promptly at 6. We are walking the first two flights lately (which I like) and then we do the first runner. Which felt like dirt... holy cow were my legs turning over slowly. The runners did get better all the way to the end of the workout which to me means I am tired but not totally wasted and that I also needed to warm up.

Our last runner was the old 'up two down one' and again it felt good to mix it up. Then we polished off the workout with a walker.

Next week we are scheduled to add one more runner. Yikes! The following week we add one more walker and then it's see you next year stairs. As much as I dread these while I am doing them once they are done I kinda miss them.

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