26 January 2011


6 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
7:30 AM - 180 Body
Distance 14 flights Power  
Time Total – 58 min Speed  
Breakfast 4:30 AM – PowerBar, water
7:15 AM – cereal
Workout Food water
Workout Type  
Weather low 40s, dry, calm
Course Howe Street stairs
Equipment Brooks Defyance
Clothing shorts, short sleeve active T, long sleeve active T

Fatigue accumulates and then that accumulation reveals itself in strange ways.

I was totally blown after Sunday's workout so did nothing Monday. That felt great. Tuesday/yesterday I did a short spinning class and it felt pretty good so I figured I was back on track and was super psyched to hit the stairs and hit 'em hard today.


Jim K and I both showed up promptly at 6 and headed down for our first walker – which felt fine. The next time up was a runner and I think it was honestly the slowest 'runner' I have ever done. I slowed down pronto, slowed again crossing Broadway and barely made it to the top. Holy crap were my legs moving slowly.

The next runner was only marginally better meaning not a whole hell of a lot.

I was determined to 'break through' this barrier and tried to go all out on the third runner. It resulted in another small improvement but I could finally feel my legs coming around. Sure enough, the fourth runner was what I would call normal which I guess is relatively fast.

After eight flights of this we switched to the up-two-down-one format for the runners and did two more. Since each of these runners is 1.5 flights we got in our 14 total exactly. These last two felt fine but I was still not screaming up by any means.

Obviously I am not well rested. And my leg speed sucks. Jim and I were commiserating that as you get older you pretty much need equal parts rest with your work. Prior to today I got in six hard days and two rest days. Even five and three would have been okay most likely.

One more week of this and I will be done with ALL types of running thankyouverymuch.

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