17 January 2011

training-Seattle Multisport

6 Time
of Day
trainer – 6:00 AM
Distance   Power threshold set at 320 watts
Time Total (trainer) – 52 min Speed  
Breakfast 5:30 AM – PowerBar, water
8:00 AM – 3 pancakes w/yogurt, protein powder, jam, ice tea, water
Workout Food water
Workout Type  
Equipment Rain Bike

Oh man, you need to show up fresh for this trainer workout. I was not.

We warmed up for at least 15 minutes, got a two or three minute rest and then launched into 25 30 second intervals with 30 seconds of rest between them. I think the intervals were at 108% of your threshold. The warm-up consisted of a steady ramp-up, each step corresponded to an additional 5% of your threshold and lasted about three or four minutes. I rode the warm-up with my threshold power set at 300 and then upped it to 320 when the intervals started.

I was having a hard time maintaining the same speed and cadence that I do during the Thursday workout! Usually I am always above 25 mph and today I was barely there.. more like 23-24.

After about five intervals I upped my threshold power to 330. That lasted about five more and then I caved and dropped it back down to 320.

By this time my speed was only about 21-22 mph during the interval and it would drop off to about 20-21 during the 'rest'.

ASIDE – I think it's crucial to keep your speed up for this workout. Not only are you simulating a race better but you are training your body to need less recovery.

The last five intervals were really hard and I was having a tough time keeping my speed up there... Thanks to Greg K for his encouraging words. Next to him was Ryan D who was on FIRE. His speed was usually above 30 mph and for the last few he topped 40. Way to go. All three of us were riding at 320 watts for the threshold.

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