06 January 2011

training-Seattle Multisport

4 Time
of Day
6:00 PM
Distance   Power 1st 20 – 320 watts
2nd 20 - 320+ watts
Time Total
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 6:00 AM - cereal
9:00 AM – yogurt, berries protein powder
Lunch 11:00 AM – veggies
1:30 PM – 3 pieces Pilot Bread, peanut butter, jam, water
Workout Food nuun
Workout Type 2x20
Equipment Rain Bike

Not much sleep last night... damn.

Once I got on the trainer at Seattle Multisport I felt fine and once the first 20 minute effort started I felt even better. It was one of those days where you tell yourself the system must be calibrated incorrectly because it was that easy.

Some history: the best my threshold power has tested this fall/winter is 229 watts. And I have not been able to do two 320 watt intervals yet.

Half way into the first interval I reached for the button to increase the resistance but caught myself and held off. I tend to go out too hard and wanted to make sure I could pull off the second interval so finished the first one breathing hard but feeling great.

I started the second at 320 watts as well and 10 minutes in knew I could ramp it up so with five minutes to go I increased the watts by 10 ever minute meaning I rode the last minute at 370. Nice. Assuming everything was calibrated correctly of course.

Looking back on this I was very well rested and so hopefully these are not junk numbers. I need the mental boost.

I did have trouble getting a proper lung full of air all night... when I would inhale it felt like I could not get that last 20 percent. It actually felt terrible the last 10 minutes of the second interval and I had to pant more than I usually do or like to do but it worked. Strange feeling and no fun.

These numbers mean I will try a higher wattage next week.

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  1. fun with numbers i see. I tested today at home via Coggan method, warmup, 5 mins hard as possible, 10 mins rest then 20 mins hard as possible. Reducing the 20 minute average power by 5% I derived 297 watts as FT.

    Leading up to this I've never done a 320 avg interval this winter, only up to 280 but intentionally keeping it lower...

    So I don't have any idea how to compare to yours essentially...

  2. I know, it's all so crazy.

    I'm convinced all that matters is YOUR numbers on YOUR power meter/heart rate monitor under the same conditions. Your basement has nothing in common with Seattle Multisport. Unfortunately. :(

    We all do crave the ability to compare ourselves don't we? I know I do.


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