30 January 2011


6 Time
of Day
11:00 AM
Distance   Power  
Time Total – 90 min? Speed  
Breakfast 6:45 AM - smoothie
Workout Food water
Workout Type active recovery
Weather mid 30s, foggy, some wind in exposed areas
Course Gold Creek

Shelley and I finally got out to Gold Creek and hit the – apparently very popular – mixed use trail there. We saw a lot of people with snowshoes, people skinning up and people with old school fish scale skis shuffling up; even the occasional walker with no special equipment at all. At the bottom it was essentially a playground with loads of kids and sleds and parents with digital cameras filming their children while not interacting with them. It's the American way after all.

The conditions were fantastic. Hiking along was really fun as the green trees made for a beautiful contrast to the white snow and our pace was very conducive to talking.

After a bit we decided to turn around and then Shelley suggested we take a trail through the woods instead of staying on the road. Nice! We went down some pretty steep slopes and Shelley lost a basket on her trekking pole twice but we found it both times thank goodness.

We need to come back here with a GPS as there are a TON of trails to explore and the all look really fun.

One guy that was descending on skis had THREE dogs with him and they were all bounding along keeping up no problem. That was cool to see.

Snowshoes (at least ours) have fantastic traction. You can just go up a slope and not worry about slipping. Even going down is pretty predictable. And I used to laugh at people with trekking poles; no more. They have a noticeable function out here in the deep snow and I bet they would be really useful on certain hikes as well. I have become a believer.

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