07 January 2011

training-core | commute | run

5 Time
of Day
gym – 5:15 AM
run – 2:45 PM
Distance commute - 12 miles
run – 6.6 miles?
Time Total (run) – 50 ish min
Speed Overall – 7:35 min/mile
  Max Speed
Breakfast 4:30 AM – banana
6:45 AM – smoothie
Lunch 12:00 PM – lots of pretzels, 2 figs, dark chocolate, water
Workout Food water
Therapy 9:30 AM - massage
Workout Type  
Weather mid to upper 40s, occasional drizzle, calm, totally overcast
clam knee lifts 3x40 each leg
side leg lifts 3x40 each leg
back extensions 3x30
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
roman chair knee lifts 3x40
hip abductor 3x30 – 100 lb
Equipment Brooks road shoes
Clothing run – shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active t, cap

Still not enough sleep. At least what I got was super sound/heavy.

Core felt pretty good! Amazing since I have been so not regular about this lately... The knee lifts were tough but otherwise it went swimmingly. Today was the first day I have ridden my bike in to work in ages, it was fun in spite of the light rain.

Today I did my first 'group' run since coming back from my IT band injury. I met Justin A and his friend Tom and we did a great loop up through Interlaken, the Arboretum and then back to campus. Of course we ran the trail whenever possible. :) Since I have not run so much this fall and winter my sense of pace is somewhat impaired and I guess I took of a tad fast. And by 'fast' I just mean fast for an active recovery run which is what these two guys I was with were doing. After a mile or two I just slotted in behind them and let them set the pace so all was good.

We chatted the whole time. Or rather I listened to Justin and Tom blab while I tagged along piping up whenever the opportunity arose.

My knee felt great! Everything felt great! Having company was great!

At one point about half way in my breathing got just a little strange/labored kinda reminiscent of last night but it went away or we slowed down or something. I finished fine and was SO excited to put in a 7:30 run with no issues.

When we started the sun was practically out but coming back through the Arboretum it began to sprinkle and by the time we were running through campus it was raining. Even that did not dampen my mood. It did dampen my clothes though and I had no towel so had to improvise with my fleece shirt that I rode in with. I must have been a bit red-faced when I got back to the office.  But I had a big smile too.

I think the route below is a tiny bit short of what we actually did...

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