31 January 2011

training-Seattle Multisport

6 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
12:00 PM - 179 Body
Distance   Power threshold - 320
Time Total – 55 min Speed  
Breakfast 5:00 AM – half a PowerBar, water
Workout Food water
Therapy stretching – hamstrings, glutes, hip flexor, pigeon, groin, lower spine
Workout Type  
Course 12 x 1.5 min peak & fade
Equipment Rain Bike

Holy crap today was a great workout... I need more like this.

In attendance at Seattle Multisport were Ryan D, Tim F, Steve O and Dean J.

We warmed up for 15 minutes (which included a small 'bump' of increased resistance) and then got down to business. Today 'business' was 12 x 1.5 minute intervals that Tim B called 'peak & fade'. We started each interval at 110% of our threshold power setting and then faded throughout the interval to 95% of our threshold power. Needless to say it was tough to maintain the same cadence the entire interval even though the resistance kept slacking off.

We did three intervals each followed by 1.5 minutes of rest and then got a 3(?) rest. This was followed by six more intervals with 1.5 min of rest, another 3 min rest and then the last three with 1.5 min of rest again.

Ryan was FLYING for the first three. Shite. He would roll into them at about 28 mph (complete with excited, motivational banter) and then would hit and sustain 37 ish mph until the end. He also had his threshold power set at 320 watts. During the rest period of these first few intervals he never dipped below 27 or 28 mph from what I could tell.

I was just trying to maintain 26+ mph in my 50x14 and managed to do that for about the first four or five when I started to waver just slightly. From that point it was a challenge to hold onto 25 and I sometimes dipped into 24 mph.

After the first interval we all realized this workout was for real and the chatter kind of did a drastic taper. After the first group of three there were a few groans and gasps. Me included. At this point the workout looked very intimidating. From what I recall, after we completed two intervals Ryan announced, "Only 10 to go!" Not so helpful. :)

I wasn't really watching everyone as I had my eyes on either my numbers or those of Ryan. He has been a real inspiration for me lately as we are close in age and size and he has been riding exceptionally well lately. And being the shallow type of person who needs to constantly compare himself to others and requires outside motivation it comes pretty natural.

Around the middle of the workout Ryan's numbers started to approach human and for the last three we were actually pretty close in terms of velocity (I forgot what the power numbers were but since our threshold was set the same they should have been close as well). During the last two Ryan was obviously working VERY hard trying to hold onto 25-26 mph and this gave me that little bit of extra incentive. We both tried to ramp it up for the last interval and we both hit something like 33 mph so it was good to have a tiny bit of parity there for the tail end of the workout anyway.

Great workout and a great crew to workout with.

At lunch I hit the IMA and just stretched for 30 minutes. Much needed.

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  1. Ahhh shucks! Thanks for kind words. It's good to be back to hard workouts after last week's hiatus. I definitely felt lousy the second to last one when I let the speed get too low. You have to really keep the spin up or its a harsh experience.


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