13 January 2011

training-core | Seattle Multisport

7 Time
of Day
gym – 5:30 AM
trainer – 6:00 PM
7:00 AM - 185 Body
Distance   Power interval #1 – 293 watts
interval #2 – 293+ watts
Time Total (trainer) – 60 min Speed  
Breakfast 6:45 AM - smoothie
Workout Food gym - water
trainer - water
Workout Type 2x20
clam knee lifts 3x40 each leg
side leg lifts 3x40 each leg
back extensions 3x30
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
roman chair knee lifts 3x40
push-ups - 15
Equipment Rain Bike

I have felt run down lately from lack of sleep so last night I took a vitamin (read: placebo) and then had another in my smoothie this morning. Two words: expensive urine.

Core was okay with the exception of the knee lifts – those have been hard lately. But I did muster some push-ups at the end just 'cuz. Actually, it was Ryan D that planted the seed. He's still doing them so I did too. And they're good for you.

At Seattle Multisport I had another good session, in retrospect I was well rested once again. Last week I had my threshold power set at 320 watts and so this week I tried 325. It did not really feel any different so next week I'll shoot for 330 for sure. And I have a confession to make... Previously I was posting my threshold wattage which is not really the resistance I was riding at since we are doing 90% of our threshold for each of these 20 minute intervals. So starting this week I will post the 90% number.

After a 10 minute warm up I started the first interval at 325 (threshold)/293 (actual resistance) and finished it that way. I was breathing hard at the end but it was not quite as uncomfortable as last week.

Following a two minute rest I started the second interval at the same setting. 10 minutes in I upped the threshold power to 330. With five minutes to go I upped the threshold power by 10 watts every minute so did the last minute at 380 (threshold)/342 (actual resistance).

With two minutes to go I was panting pretty good and that last minute was hard for sure. No way would I have been able to finish it if I hadn't know the end was just around the corner...

Good times. Hopefully I can up these numbers just a bit next Thursday.

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