11 January 2011


5 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
Distance 12.5 flights Power  
Time Total – 1:06 Speed  
Breakfast 5:00 AM – PowerBar, nuun
Workout Food nuun
Workout Type  
Weather 30, dry, calm, high clouds
Course Howe Street stairs
Equipment Brooks Defyance
Clothing Under Armour briefs, Mountain Hard Ware tights, Craft long sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active t, fleece gloves, Patagonia hat

Everyone in the pool, it's time for stairs! In attendance today were Jim K, Greg K, RC R and Ryan D. Nice.

We started off with two walkers and then alternated running and walking for the next eight. The last runner was Jim's famous up two sections, down one, repeat to the top.

I did not feel as stellar as last week but still felt pretty good. I'm sure the lively, non-stop banter from Greg helped. It's what I like about working out with this group anyway. Jim did well today, last week he was suffering and today he really pushed it on the 3rd runner and I had to work to hang. Ryan and I finished the last runner together and he demonstrated an old school aerial off of the concrete wall at the top. Very classy.

After we completed all the runners I went down one more time for my 'cool-down' walker and also to get something from Greg's car. Turns out he had parked waaaay down the road and around the corner. He was practically at I-5! So we jogged down, I grabbed my stuff and then jogged back and walked up. Bonus time.

There was one small patch of ice on Broadway but no big deal. And I dressed perfect. It was a great morning!

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1 comment:

Ryan D said...

you were on fire today...no catching you on the real runners...