08 January 2011

for example skipping one day of training

I'm on the couch catching up on my Cyclingnews.com reading when I come across this awesome quote by Jeannie Longo who was discussing her eventual retirement and how the though of said retirement used to frighten her.

"I can see other horizons," she said. "I can now accept things that seemed inconceivable to me, like for example skipping one day of training."


To catch you up in case you have been living under a rock, here are some Longo stats.

  • She's 52 years old.
  • She could kick your ass on a bicycle. And then go for a real training ride after.
  • She has won over ONE THOUSAND races.
  • She has 38 world records.
  • She has won a total of 106 medals at the Olympic Games, the Worlds and the French Championships.
  • She has raced, and won at the highest level, on the road, on the track and in the dirt.
  • She has competed in no less than seven Olympic games.
  • Not just an athlete, Longo has a Bachelor's, Master's and PhD that she earned, they were not honorary degrees.

You go Jeannie. There simply is no male equivalent in ANY athletic endeavor and I take my hat off to you. I also hope you never enter a race I am competing in.

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