02 February 2011

beer bout

Ever spend time with an insufferable beer snob? There is always something not good enough about any brand you suggest... It's too American, too hoppy, too light, too trendy, too whatever. Practically makes you want to switch to wine. This comes to you via one of my favorite 'cycling' blogs All Hail the Black Market.


Love it. Good to see the champagne of beers (or something close to it anyway) getting some props.

In many ways I'm glad that these kinds of people exist.

  • As long as no one gets hurt this is some damn entertaining reading.
  • If they do hurt themselves, oh well...
  • Reading this I get to feel all superior. That's important for shallow folks like me.
  • It simultaneously brings out the beer snob in me and the low budget scrounge. Bottom line, I'm not turning it down if it's spelled "beer".
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