10 February 2011

training-core | spinning

6 Time
of Day
gym – 5:30 AM
trainer – 6:00
Distance   Power 1st TT – 350 watts
2nd TT – 336 watts
new threshold = 343
Time 1st TT – 14:55
2nd TT – 15:06
Breakfast 6:30 AM - smoothie
Lunch 1:30 PM – bread, cheese water
4:30 PM – Promax bar, water
Workout Food gym - water
trainer - nuun
Workout Type threshold test (2 x 10 km TT)
ball leg lifts 3x20 each leg
back extensions 3x30
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
roman chair knee lifts 3x40
twisters 40 each side
hip abductors 3x30 – 100 lb
push-ups 20
Equipment Rain Bike

Not quite enough sleep...

But core did feel okay today.

At Seattle Multisport it was test time which means we do two 10 km TTs and average our power to get a threshold setting. These are races meaning you try to go as hard as you can. The last time I did this test my numbers were not so hot (I was pretty tired) but the one previous to that I averaged 330 (I was well rested) which is reasonable. Today I was pretty well rested as well and managed to post one of my better CompuTrainer TTs ever.

ASIDE - If I recall correctly, I once posted a 14:45 at just slightly over 350 watts at Cycle University but that was one year and one blog ago and I can't find the numbers. I figure anything under 15 minutes is pretty good for me and means I am ready to race while not embarrassing myself.

We started the first TT and I was in the lead fairly quickly. Lane S was there and he decimates me out on the road so I was looking to him to set the pace and my goal was to hang on as long as possible. Didn't happen. After just a few minutes I realized I would need to pace myself/push myself which is a weakness but I tried to get dug in.

Half way into this first effort I was still around 370-380 watts on the climbs and over 300-320 watts on the descents so feeling okay. I actually kept it controlled on the last hill as I was already thinking ahead to the second effort and did not want to die a fiery death so finished around 400 watts with a little left in the tank but breathing very hard. We gave ourselves a 5-10 minute rest, not exactly sure how long it was.

Within minutes of starting the second effort I realized I was not going to be close to the first one but for a while I clung to the dream of 340 watts... unfortunately soon that was also not attainable.

I noticed that while I was okay on the climbs I was much slower on the descents. When I get tired it is really hard to keep the cadence up. Combine that with a little less sip on the climbs and you get a slower time and lower watts. It's frustrating to see your speed suck and watch as your average slowly drops watt by watt...

This bike only has a 50x12 and I was in it twice (three times?) during each effort. There is a gradual descent just before the last climb and when I'm feeling totally on it I can spin the 50x13 pretty good there or even try the 50x12 if I'm on fire. The first time I was in the 50x13 and I managed to use that gear again but I was turning the pedals over much slower the second time.

This time I did not hold back on the last hill and kept it around 450 watts all the way up but it was too little too late. My breathing half way in this time was the equivalent of where it was at towards the very end the first effort. I kept trying to slow it down but I had to pant in order to get enough oxygen.

So now I have a new threshold setting of 343 watts (assuming I am well rested). Yikes. That sounds like a tough number to base my efforts off of next week but I will give it a go.

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