22 February 2011

IKEA milk-frother

File this under best invention ever!

Shelley and I went down to our local IKEA store last weekend and one thing she specifically wanted to get was this milk-frother thingy. I was like, whatever... sounds pretty hokey to me. Boy, was I wrong. Check it out.


This bad boy runs on two AA batteries and works like a freaking champ.

Let me backup a bit and say that I love foamy milk drinks as much as the next guy but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend $5 for each one.

ASIDE – of course I spend way more than $5 on various other crap that I somehow justify but hey, this is my blog and in it this is highway robbery when it comes to a hot drink.

I love hot chocolate, hot tea, chai, plain old steamed milk with flavor, you get the picture. I also love all that is creamy, dairy, rich and smooth so it's natural I would love the foam you get in a latte. Enter the black magic that is technological advancements in consumerism.

Once we got back home we had this baby unwrapped and loaded with batteries faster than you can say, "Make mine a double tall non-fat half decaf with no sweetener and forget the whip please and you can skip the cup sleeve because I think they are silly and simply waste more paper." We poured some cold, non-fat milk into a cup, inserted this magic wand and let 'er rip.

In less than TEN SECONDS the cup was filled with frothy milk so stiff you could have mistaken it for icing used on a gingerbread house. No shit.

Did I mention that unlike what the IKEA web says it was only $1.99?! Oh yes. WE got one for home, Shelley got one for work and I will be mailing one to my sister. Thank god I am not lactose intolerant.

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