07 February 2011

training-Seattle Multisport

6 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
Distance   Power threshold setting
first 9 intervals – 320
last 3 intervals – 330
Time Total – 55 min? Speed  
Breakfast 5:00 AM - PowerBar
8:00 AM – large bottle w/4 scoops Recoverite, 2 small bananas, Stonewall's Jerquee
9:00 AM – almonds, pear
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals
Equipment Rain Bike

Another early Seattle Multisport session with the boys (read: Greg K, Ryan D and Dean J), good times.

We did a 15 minute warm up and then 12 x 1.5 minute 'peak and fade' intervals. The interval starts at 110% of your threshold power setting and then fades continuously to 95% by the end of the interval.

Last week this workout about killed me but this week I felt better. In retrospect I rested Friday and Sunday so that must be the reason. Oh yeah, not much drinking last night too. :)

I did the first 11 intervals in my 50x14 and I think I hit 30 mph briefly each time. During the rest period I did not gas as badly as last week either and kept the speed over 26 mph most of the time and over 28 some of the time. Nice.

For the last three intervals I clicked up the threshold setting to 330 watts and for the last interval I shifted into the 50x12 and managed to hold 40+ mph for most of it finishing around 43. I have to cop to not being able to remember everything... these things take it out of you.

The first few intervals felt much easier than last week. So much so that I almost upped the power sooner. I'm glad I did not do this as they got harder later on and I'm realizing that maintaining your cadence during these intervals is the key/hard part, the power number seems almost secondary.

Dean seemed to struggle a bit today and his speed would dip precariously at times, we're talking low teens. Not sure if that was intentional because he was working on strength (it feels more like a power workout at lower speeds) or if he was just not able to spin today. Ryan and Greg were flying. This was Greg's first one of these workouts and his superior leg speed compared to me was evident. Ryan was equally fluid and seemed like he might have been holding back some which is understandable after his dramatic drop-off in speed last week as a result of going out way too hard. Regardless, he sure was consistent and was always about 3-5 mph faster than me as was Greg. Except for the last interval when I finally shifted up, then my speed was on par with these guys.

Greg said he might want to double the duration of these and make them three minutes long but I feel that if you are already doing a 2x20 workout (which we are) then this is a nice compliment and there is no need to go longer. For sure the 30 second intervals were too short but this feels right.

This will be my first week with no running OR stairs and I'm excited to see how that goes.

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