15 February 2011

getting taped

Yesterday after work I went to see my LMP and Chiropractor and walked out with some fancy therapeutic tape on my body.


I've seen this stuff on all kinds of athletes and luckily it also works on people like me.

In my case it is just supposed to function as a reminder to maintain correct posture.

Long story short, my back is not so good and I tend to slouch; not just in my chair but when I walk, stand, you name it. In addition to striving for a neutral spine (not too bent, not too unnaturally straight) another good thing is to keep your shoulders back. The strips of tape that wrap around my shoulders are to keep them back and the strips that run up my back are to keep me from bending forward.

This stuff is SPACE AGE. The glue lasts for days even if you shower and the tape does not rollup or get rubbed off by your sheets when you toss and turn at night. The elastic is stronger than I thought it would be, it really tugs at you when you bend the way you are not supposed to.

What cool stuff this is.

I'm trying to think of a witty quip about some sort of recreational use for this tape and my mind is strangely blank.

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