15 February 2011

bigger is not always better

Especially when you are talking televisions it seems.

One of the cool things about building a new house is that you invariably will fill it with at least some new stuff. One of those new items will probably be a television. Shelley and I love watching movies and since it's so damn easy to connect your laptop to your television and since Netflix is so darn cheap I was thinking it would be wicked cool to get as big a screen as we can afford.

A friend at work volunteered some info that made me think twice about going all in for a television; it was this viewing distance chart.


So unless we want to shove our couch back into the dining table it appears that our existing 42" television will be adequate. Shit. There goes another technology wonderland fantasy up in smoke.

it won't stop me from looking at 50" models and contemplating moving the old television into the basement of course but now I will be shopping for quality instead of quantity.

How un-American.

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