12 February 2011

training-team ride

7 Time
of Day
8:00 AM
Distance 80 miles Power  
Time Total – 4:50 Speed Overall – 16.5 mph
2890 ft Max Elevation – 971 ft
Breakfast 5:30 AM – cereal
Workout Food 2 large bottles each w/3 scoops Endurox R4, gel, Fig Newtons, PowerBar
Workout Type  
Weather mid 40s to 50, DRY with some sun at the end, lots of wind at the end
Equipment Rain Bike
Clothing Sugoi shoe covers, Roubaix knickers, Craft short sleeve undershirt, Craft long sleeve undershirt, short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, wind vest, OR Gripper gloves, cap

Great group today! I was joined by Greg K, Dean J, Olivier H, RC R and eventually Dave H.

We cruised south and east at a sane pace until Jones Rd crosses Hwy 169. AS the road tipped up Olivier went to the front and did what he does best: a great Energizer Bunny imitation. Two words: ouch [and] ouch.

At first Dave was in front of me but then about half way up he started to drift back and I had to close the gap. Near the top I was this close to getting shelled when Olivier finally eases up and Greg goes rocketing past. Nice. Olivier has no problem latching onto Greg's wheel but it takes me a little too long to make the junction and then all I could do was hang on for dear life across the false summit.

Riding up toward Black Diamond and Hobart we traded some good pulls. I have a love/hate relationship with the rollers just north of Ravensdale. When you are on they rock, when you are haggard they suck like crazy. Today was a pretty good day and I managed to pull into and over a couple without exploding and even pushed one hard out of the saddle. As we passed through Black Diamond Dave peeled off muttering something about that first hill destroying him... I was bummed to see him go.

Next up, Tiger Mt.

Right as we pulled off Issaquah-Hobart RC got a flat. Oh well, none of us minded the pause and we got it fixed pronto. Dean rode ahead and by the time we got started everyone's legs felt pretty if my sensations were any indication.

We round one corner and out of the corner of my eye I see a brown flash. Next thing I Know this massive dog is under a fence and heading straight for me! I'm thinking this is crazy and it hasn't happened in years but I reach for the big ring and Olivier and I are sprinting up Tiger like our lives depend on it.

When it became apparent that we would be able to outpace the dog I slowly started to shift back into the larger cogs... only to have Olivier wind it up yet again. All day I had been doing okay but this time I cracked. Alone on Tiger. Up ahead I could see Olivier's red jersey quickly fade into the distance and my only consolation was that he slowed when he caught Dean and I was able to 'sprint' past.

On our way back riding along May Valley we saw group after group after group of racers doing the usual weekend thing. It felt really good to be heading west/home when they were heading east. :)

I suggested a lap around Mercer Island and Dean and Olivier came along. At this point I was shattered but to his credit Olivier kept the pace very reasonable and we finished together. He even let a group of racers blow past us and did not react. Thanks Olivier.

The sun had been threatening all morning and an hour ago it burst through the clouds. This was the first dry ride in I can't remember how long and it felt great. The wind was also picking up all day and by the time we crossed the I-90 floating bridge it was nuts. I was getting moved around! Exciting stuff.

Dean managed a great effort on the rise exiting the lake and all I could do was watch.

From here it was all riding that last mile home as slow as possible. What a super day.

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