17 February 2011

training-core | Seattle Multisport

6 Time
of Day
gym – 5:15 AM
trainer – 6:00 PM
Distance   Power 1st interval – 288 watts
2nd interval – 288 watts
Time Total (trainer) – 60 min Speed  
Workout Food water
Workout Type 2x20
plank 3 min, 2 min each side
back extensions 3x40
clam knee lifts 100 each leg
side leg lifts 80 each leg
roman chair knee lifts 3x40
hip abductor 3x30 – 100 lb
push-ups 20
Equipment Time Trial Bike

Well... core went okay even though I was not motivated much. A few days ago my Chiropractor told me the 'right' way to do the plank and of course it's harder than what I was doing... Seems my back was not really straight. Now it is and I am out of breath at the end of two minutes, that last minute is tough.

At Seattle Multisport I had a crap workout. It was my first time on my TT bike and guess what; my road position has changed so much over the winter that this feels TOTALLY wrong. Leaving my house I hopped on the saddle to coast down to the van and the saddle felt very high. I got on the trainer at Seattle Multisport and lasted all of 10 pedal revolutions before I lowered it about 4 mm. I pedaled for maybe a couple of minutes and had to lower it another 3 or 4 mm. What the hell was I doing on this bike last year...?!

Then we started. I had the threshold setting set at 330 when Greg K suggested that perhaps I dial it down a bit. From experience these trainer workouts are harder on a TT bike than on a road bike so I saw the wisdom in that and dropped it to 320 before the start of the first interval.

At first it was not so bad. My back felt good and my upper body was supported well but I was having a little trouble breathing. I'm not sure how much of this was due to me being bent over or how much was sue to my recent inability to get a full lung of air but my legs were running a slight oxygen debt the entire interval. I managed to finish but it was hard. And when I sat up during the two minute 'rest' I never quite got my breathing under control.

Within four or five minutes of the second interval I knew I was in trouble. Seven minutes in I fell apart and quite pedaling.

I felt like I simply could not get a proper lung full of air and I had to stand up, stop pedaling and gasp for a few seconds.

After about 10 seconds I got back to it but only lasted maybe one minute and had to quit again. This went on for the next 10 minutes with me needing to stop for about 10 or so seconds every minute or two until about five minutes to go. At this point I was able to buckle down and grind it out and even accelerate a bit the last two minutes by shifting.

I started both intervals in the 55x14 and finished the second one in the 55x12 but ouch... I basically did a 1x20 workout and then flailed for another 20 minutes. For the first interval I was always above 28 mph and usually close to 30. For the second one I was more like 26-29 mph and almost never at 30. I finished the second interval at around 34 mph but that was just the last few seconds.

On the up side I think my saddle position is pretty good now but I still need to adjust my handlebar position to optimize this bike. The stem is too long and my bars might be a touch too low as well. Over the winter I made quite a few adjustments to my road position to try and ease my back and now it's time to translate that to the TT bike. Sheesh. How quickly I forget that you need to ride all your bikes to be able to race them.

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