02 February 2011

training-core | stairs

5 Time
of Day
gym – 5:15 AM
stairs – 6:00 AM
Distance stairs – 15 flights Power  
Time Total (stairs) – 1:05 Speed  
Breakfast 5:00 AM – PowerBar, water
7:15 AM – cereal
9:30 AM – yogurt
Workout Food water
Workout Type intervals
Weather low 30s, dry, calm, clear
ball leg lifts 3x20 each leg
back extensions 3x30
stairs - Howe Street

I was planning on squeezing in some core exercises before the stairs but totally hit the wall as in zero motivation. I managed a couple and then socialized at the gym until it was time to leave. Oh well.

Today was the LAST day of stairs... can I get an amen?

Both Jim K and I were pretty glad to check this box and get on with cycling but I gotta say, if you want an efficient workout it is very hard to beat going up stairs. Very hard.

Since we just had to tack on one walker to last week's workout we opted for an additional warm-up flight and that felt nice. As usual the first runner felt like I was running under water (my legs were moving S L O W) but they got better each time (for me anyway) and by the fourth runner I was going at a pretty good clip. Our last two runners were of the up-two-sections-down-one-repeat variety which I'm kinda liking. It breaks up the monotony of the workout and I seem to do better with that tiny rest thrown in.

I was going a bit faster than Jim and it was especially evident on the last two runners where I was able to finish my steps and then loop back down and join him for his last two sections.

At the end there was much high-fiving and back slapping and reminiscing. Good times.

10 days ago I decided to stop running and now this comes to an end as well. Bring on the cycling – I'm looking forward to it.

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