14 January 2014

Howe Street stairs | bike commute

Nice! An AM stair workout and then I rode my bike to and from work for the first time in ages. It felt SO good to ride again... and did I mention that riding is way faster than walking? It sure is.

After just one day of rest my knee was able to handle the stairs again. I think I am finally making some real progress from this darn knee injury. Now I need to make sure I don't overdo it.

I met Jim Kodjababian at the stairs again after my warm-up flights, we have four more weeks left of this. The shit is getting serious! It seems like every time we hit double digits getting to 15 flights sounds pretty impossible. Especially this year as I am coming of a major stint of inactivity. GO!

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 7:00 AM - 184 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food stairs - large bottle w/2 scoops HEED
Time of Day stairs - 5:40 AM
Workout Type  
Weather stairs - 50, calm, dry
Course Howe Street stairs
Time stairs - 1:10
Distance 2.9 miles (15.5 flights)
Equipment stairs - Brooks Glycerin 11, Garmin Fenix
commute - Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500
Clothing stairs - Brooks 5" Essential Run Short, Brooks Podium LS shirt

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