31 January 2014

treadmill run | walk home from bus stop

I woke up feeling much more rested than yesterday morning but when I got on the treadmill I was having issues. My breathing was kind of labored and with about 10 minutes to go it was agony to stay on the belt. I must have reached for the speed control (to slow it down) about four times... somehow I finished but today made me realize that I should 1) get outside more or 2) just not worry so much and pull the plug when it sucks/isn't fun. I'm no pro athlete and too many of these forced workouts will kill the joy for me.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight  
Body Fat  
Workout Food run - water
Time of Day run - 5:40 AM
Workout Type run - tempo
Course run - treadmill, 1% incline
Time run - 40 min
Distance run - 5.6 miles (according to the treadmill)
Pace run
3 min at 7:30 (8 mph)
7 min at 7:26 (8.1 mph)
3o min at 6:58 (8.6 mph)
Equipment run - Brooks Glycerin 11, Garmin Fenix
Clothing run - Brooks 5" Essential Run Short, Brooks Podium SS shirt

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