23 December 2010

No Urban Assault Ride in Seattle for 2011?!

Nice. And by 'nice' I of course mean the exact opposite.

Yesterday I received an email from the Urban Assault Ride proclaiming that 2011 will be the best season ever.


This is one of Shelley's and my favorite rides; we have done it three times and loved it each time. Even when we did not do very well. Not only is the ride fun with crazy obstacles, the after-party is fantastic complete with free food, beer and other drinks. And they have lots of drawings so you don't have to win your category to walk away with a prize. Always a plus for those that participate just for the fun of it.

So it was with eager anticipation that I went to the web site. Early registration nets you a significant discount and all that.

But what was this? It appears that both Seattle and Portland have been excluded from the list of cities in 2011. NO...!

So I rush over to the contact page and fire off a note to the most obvious email address listed. And it bounces back as undeliverable. This is getting better and better.

Shelley and I had such a good time this year, it would be a shame if we did not have the opportunity to ride again in 2011.

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  1. Josh (from UAR) got back to me really quickly. Unfortunately he did not say what I wanted to hear... and pretty crazy when you consider how supposedly cycling mad both of these cities are:

    Hi Martin,

    I'm sorry to say it...but no Seattle or Portland UARs this year. We just didn't experience the growth that we needed to bring it back again.

    We loved both events and it was hard to do...but it just didn't make financial sense.

    Tell you what - if you want to make a short vacation out of the UAR, I'll be happy to offer 1/2 price entries for you and your crew. We're putting the UAR on in 10 cities - I bet there are some cities that you'd like to learn by bike.

    Again - sorry for the bad news!


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